Mighty Warrior - Workout tutorials


Thank you for your subscription with Mighty Warrior.
Your 75 days workouts are in a continuity. We recommend an active rest day every 3 days though, you may choose a frequency of the active rest based on your schedules. You have 3 assessment days to track your progress during the 75 days workout tenure.
All videos are provided with clear voice instructions. Please go through the entire workout of the day before playing the videos.
The number of sets is mentioned first and then repetitions.
Eg : 5X6 means 5 sets of 6 reps each
For unilateral movements, the number of reps is mentioned in total and number of reps each side in the bracket.
Eg : 5X12 (6/6) Reverse lunges means 5 sets of 12 Reverse lunges with 6 reps on each leg.
All the best & Stay Fit!
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