Mighty Warrior - Workout tutorials


Access workout tutorials at your convenience and from anywhere

Increase your endurance, tone up, or lose weight and get fit with customized workout tutorials.

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With the rapid changes in last couple of years worldwide in all areas of life, sometimes it can be challenging to dedicate a fixed time for your own health and exercise.

Online workout programs give you the flexibility to access it from anywhere any time of the day. You get a detailed explanation of the day’s workout with video instructions.

Every Saturday we run a group session which comes as a part of your program. You can ask all your questions there directly to the coach.

You get 75 days’ workouts in the program. Even if you have to take a break for few days, follow the program from where you paused because there is a continuity. There’s no time frame for you to finish 75 workouts.

Yoga mat, Skipping rope, A pair of Dumbell, Barbell

Once you sign up for a package, you’ll receive an email with the meeting link for weekend group sessions.

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